In our production activities, our main objective is to be sensitive to the environment and to leave a more livable world for future generations.

We work with the goal of zero occupational accidents and occupational diseases with proactive and participatory approaches to ensure that our employees work in full physical, social and spiritual well-being. In this context, occupational health and safety policies and practices that provide a safe and healthy working environment are carried out with the participation of all employees. In the audits carried out by both the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and our customers, it was revealed that the occupational health and safety legal requirements were met.

Zeynar minimizes its impact on the environment through its effective environmental policies.

From our production process;
– The wastewater is treated in the treatment plants and discharged in accordance with the legally determined values and within the scope of the discharge permit issued by the related directorate.

– Our wastes are separated as hazardous and non-hazardous and sent to recycling facilities and / or licensed disposal companies for the reuse and safe disposal of wastes.

– We implement water conservation control and development policies for the continuation of biological diversity. At the beginning of these applications, we reduce our water consumption with the selection of the latest technology machines and different chemical variations. In this direction, we carry out joint projects and R & D studies with our customers.

Our main objective is to be environmentally sensitive and leave a more livable world for future generations in our production activities.

With sustainable technology applications (using flue heat recovery) we reduce the amount of heating-induced emissions.

As our business grows, we continue our collaborative efforts within the scope of sustainability as we increase our responsibilities towards all identified stakeholders.

In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we carry out training activities to raise the awareness of our employees and stakeholders.

With chemical risk controls, we implement proactive chemical management to completely eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in our production and / or substitution management and to reduce hazard levels. In this context, determination of the effects of products on both environment and human health and reaching ZDHC (Zero Empty of Hazardous Chemicals) which is the target of 2023 is one of the most important subjects of our chemical management strategy.

Our solution partners are Dystar, Rudolf, Garmon and CHT-Bezema with international competence and reputations.