Zeynar’s annual production capacity is 4,680,000 kg (20% for digital printing, 30% for rotation printing)
50% dyeing / washing). Zeynar, with its new digital printing machines, has an annual production capacity.
continues its investments to increase production capacity and percentage of digital printing.

Our product range and blends are as follows;
· Single Jersey with Elastane and Non-Elastane (* 120 g / m² to 240 g / m²)
· Rib fabrics with and without elastane (* 140 g / m² to 450 g / m²)
· Locking Fabrics (* 160 gr / m² to 230 gr / m²)
· 3 Yarn Fleece (* 290 gr / m² to 390 gr / m²)
· 2 Yarns with and without Elastics (* 200 gr / m² to 280 gr / m²)
· Other Fancy Fabrics


Cotton, Cotton / EA, Cotton / PES, Viscose, Viscose / EA,
Viscose / Cotton / PES, Viscose / PES / EA, Viscose / Linen,
Viscose / Cotton / Linen, Viscose / Acrylic / EA, Viscose / PA / EA,
Viscose / PES / EA, Viscose / PES / Linen, Viscose / Cotton / Wool, Permanent,
Modal / EA, Cotton / Modal, Cotton / Modal / EA, Tencel, Tencel / EA,
Cotton / Wool, Melange Cotton, Melange Cotton / EA, Melange Cotton / PES






Zeynar shows the color of HT dyeing machines according to the specifications and dimensions for your orders. Color repeatability between boilers is maximized with fully automatic dyeing and chemical dosing unit. Color preparation in accordance with OEKOTEX-100 standard, with the highest quality products and auxiliaries, and with the most modern systems in a fully equipped chemistry laboratory.

You have the chance to match your printed and painted designer designs with Zeynar’s professional focus.

Having the basic features, timeless classics in seasonal colors welcome you.


Zeynar presents its own fashion collections twice a year in summer and winter.

Zeynar designs can be easily adapted to your collection with colors.

Moreover, your designs can be prepared by Zeynar design team.

You have digital and rotary printing facilities in Zeynar.


Printing techniques are reactive, pigment, devore, disperse and abrasion printing.

The patterns drawn in the pattern circle are first colored with ‘film-druck’ templates on the sample printing machine, but after the order and approval of the customer is received, they are drawn to the rotation templates.

The printing facility, which serves both woven and knitted fabrics, enables the production of high value added fabrics.